Need space for your next promotional shoot, music video, or TV show?

Well... we've got some.  It's even big enough to house our mobile production trailer when it's not on the road.

Our 4,000 s.f. Production Facility

  • 1,500 s.f. green-screen space
  • master control room (okay... it's our mobile production trailer)
  • video editing suite
  • multi-angle virtual set productions with real-time sources and reflections
  • 2D and 3D motion graphics production
  • multi-channel audio tracking and mixing
  • voice-over space (full VO booth coming soon)
  • HD studio and field cameras
  • HD PTZ cameras
  • PA system
  • heavy-duty 9' camera jib
  • studio and stage lighting systems (lights, trusses, controller, etc.)
  • set construction space and tools

Bring your team or use ours.