Whether for a Live EventOn-line TV Show, or your next Marketing Video, Fluid Motion Media offers a variety of services to assist you with your media production and post-production needs.  We are your digital media 'enabler' that has the team, technical expertise, equipment, and facilities needed allow you to realize your vision.


Video Production & Post

HD multi-camera shoots. Video post production. Let us know how we can help.

Multi-track Audio Recording & Mixing

Multi-track hi-res audio recording at our facilities or on the road.

Studio Space

We have a 4,000 s.f. facilty equiped with a video control room, cameras, lights, PA's, and more.

Green Screen

Within our studio there is a 32' wide green-screen.

Virtual Set System

Emerse your talent in a virtual 3D world of your choosing.  Our virtual set system allows for multiple camera angles, realtime reflections, and virtual TVs capable of displaying live or recorded video in the set, in real-time!

Jam space!

Need a place to jam? We can help. We've got a large rehearsal area with stage, lights, PA, and mixing board. We can even throw up a few mics and HD video cameras if you want!