Here are some samples of our works:



TiviTrade... Cross Border Business Simplified.

Here's a sample of our green-screen and 3D post-production work.

3D concept, production, and post-production by Fluid Motion Media for ACART Communications.

Script and direction by ACART Communications.



Live Event Music Performance

Porque llorax blanca nina from the Hispania! Show

This is one of 17 songs we recorded at the Hispania! show.



Competition Composites and Richard Lett

Competition Composites partner with world solo yacht racer Richard Lett to manufacture his keel and rudder system.

This is an example of some of our 3D graphics, video capture, super slow-motion, time-lapse, voice-over, and general editing work.  (The news and on-the-water footage was supplied by the client.)



Michel Germain in Grasse, France

I learned something new about Roses.

We created this piece from the footage Michel provided.



Combat Maxum bat drop

Here's a bit of super slow-motion video - captured at 240 frames per second.



Live Event - TEDx Talks


Here's a link to Kanata North BIA's TEDx videos:  TEDx Kanata 2016 & 2015

We had fun shooting these with our friends at Pollington Productions, who did the post-prodduction.



Kinetic Typography - Bring On The Bay - 3 km Open Water Swim

Kinetic typography!

Hey, we do more than live-event and TV show productions.  This video was created for the Bring On The Bay event that helps raise funds for Easter Seals Ontario.

The music was created in-house by our resident music composer and all round nice guy, Allan.  If you are into electronic music, check out more of his works here:



On-line Show - The Chixxxia (gaming) Show

Professional multi-camera virtual-sets with real-time reflections!

This quick video was produced as a tongue-in-cheek proof of concept piece for a video blogger.  We shot this in our green-screen studio using our virtual-set technology... and our crew as on-screen talent!

This video highlights our virtual-set system which provides "network studio" style sets without the need for a big budget to build one.

Notice the real-time reflections in the desk and the virtual flat-panel displays.  Petty cool huh?

We have a variety of different virtual-sets to choose from, all of which can be customized.  If we don't have one that suits your shoot / show, one can be created from scratch.



Charleston Race Week - Interview with Dawn Kozak & Robert Williams - Viper 640 Sailing

A 'run-n-gun' interview in Charleston, SC.

We love covering sailing events almost as much as we love participating in them!



Yo! Canada Raps show coming soon!

We have finished shooting several episodes of Yo! Canada Raps and are currently in post-production.



Promo Video - Bring On The Bay - 3km Open-water Swim - for Easter Seals Ontario

Here's a quick promo video for the Bring On The Bay / Easter Seals Ontario event mentioned above.

We used a still image supplied by the client and sliced it to recreate a "2-1/2 D" effect, while maintaining a graphic tie in to Bring On The Bay's website.

Like with the Kinetic Typography example above, the music was created in-house by our resident music composer and all round nice guy, Allan.  If you are into electronic music, check out more of his works here:



Educational Video - Learning Bass Guitar Using Intervals - with Ross Taylor

Ross Taylor, professional musician and instructor shows how "Intervals" can make learning to play a bass guitar, or other instrument, much easier than traditional approaches to learning.

A multi-camera "live" capture.

Section titles added in post.



Event / Promo Video - Viper 640 Sportboats at Charleston Race Week 2012

Produced for the Viper 640 Class ( and Rondar Raceboats (

It's always a blast to capture these boats at play, but I'd rather be sailing one than video'ing them.

As is typical... bumpy shooting conditions, at the long end of the lens.

Thanks to Eliot Wayne Music ( for allowing us to user their song "Lost In You".



Musical Video / Virtual Set test - 'Girl Of My Dreams'

This piece was created during a series of virtual set tests we were performing in our green-screen studio.

Only the house lights were used... no studio lights, which makes obtaining clean video and a good key, challenging.

We are delighted that Richard Green agreed to perform his latest song for us.



Event Video - 2011 Viper 640 North American Championship

A last minute video production

The weather made for some very bumpy shooting conditions - at the long end of the lens

Lots of image stabilization in post

Still pictures certainly helped



Promo Video - Viper 640 Sportboat

Primary video shoot took place in Miami on Biscayne Bay using a Sony PMW-EX3

Info on this sailboat call can be found on the Class Website